I’ll be bringing this to california then and there’s no stopping me.

I’ll be bringing this to california then and there’s no stopping me.

Found this with some of my old stuff, now I need to find someone to play it with.


Is that why we’re here? I mean, is that what you do? Jump in at the last minute and save the Earth? I’m not saving it. Time’s up. 

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Home Of The Future…


Home Of The Future…

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And now it’s time for one last bow

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The World’s Only Consulting Detective ☆ (9)

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Aki Inomata’s | Crystalline 3D Printed Hermit Crab Shells are Inspired by the World’s Architectural Wonders

Inomata starting thinking about the transitory habits of hermit crabs and their shells when the French Embassy moved in Tokyo and its land transitioned from French to Japanese ownership and then back again. Since hermit crabs often switch shells (and they can go back to a shell chosen earlier in life), the artist compared the two issues. She used 3D printing technology to design crystalline shells inspired by architecture to illustrate the concept.

First, Inomata CT scanned unoccupied shells abandoned by the hermit crabs to gain insight in their interior shape. The files were then manipulated with 3D modeling software, and combined with architectural shapes, including Tokyo-style buildings, French apartments, casinos and even delicate flowers. The designs were 3D printed in clear plastic to lend them a jewel-like aesthetic that displays the colors of the crabs inside. The hermit crabs were then presented with the plastic shells, and they could choose their own homes.

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Rose, before I go… 

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Apple crisp and mythbusters is a great way to start the morning




Mark Williams and Julie Walters behind the scenes of Bill&Fleur’s wedding

This should have just been put in the movie, as mr and mrs weasley probably dance just like this.


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"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”

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Napping in between storms


Napping in between storms

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Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot & Prongs are proud to present the Marauder’s Map.

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